Meet The Members

Amber Henry

Amber Henry is a sister, lover of all things dogs, a friend, a daughter and much more. Amber is the daughter of Angella and Dan Henry and sister to Kyle Henry. She is also the sister of DJ Henry who was murdered by Officer Aaron Hess in Upstate New York on October 17th, 2010. Since then, Amber has devoted her life to finding the absolute truth and justice for her brother. She has spoken at countless rallies, events and fundraisers to raise awareness for her brother and to embrace his legacy. Amber is devoted and determined coming on as a new sister to shed light on police brutality and help other siblings who have also been affected by this. Amber, like many of the sisters is working through her trauma and pain while also trying to live in the midst of all the chaos. She is strong, independent, loving and caring and she is ready to stand tall for what she believes in no matter how long that may take. For her family, Amber will do anything. This is just the beginning for this powerful woman.

Ashley Monterrosa

Ashley Monterrosa, a San Francisco native, is the youngest sister of Sean
Monterrosa. On June 2nd, 2020, Sean was kneeling with his hands up when officer
Jarrett Tonn of the Vallejo police department shot through the windshield of an
unmarked pickup truck with an AR-15. She turned 20 the day after her brother was
Since the tragic loss of her brother, she now carries on the legacy her brother left
behind and has emerged as a social justice warrior. Ashley has continued to
organize and push for legislation and policy to shift nationally.
As a full-time student, Ashley continues to fight for her brother Sean and the many
other lives taken from state-sanctioned violence. Continuing to turn her pain into
power, she pledges to bring real accountability to California and beyond.

Sheena Wright

Sheena Wright – who took the reins at United Way of New York City right as Hurricane Sandy hit New York City – has led the organization’s efforts to boost funding for local community organizations providing food, remote learning support for students, and other relief throughout the pandemic. Wright is also heading efforts to promote COVID-19 testing and vaccine awareness alongside prominent Black clergy members in New York City and beyond.

Tanya Wright

Tanya Wright is a two-time Screen Actors Guild Award Winner (Best Ensemble) for her portrayal of Crystal Burset in Orange is the New Black. Ms. Wright is the recipient of SOBRO’s ‘Most Innovative Business’ Award. A two-time Launchbox Entrepreneurial micro-grant recipient, Ms. Wright is a Kauffman Fast Trac Entrepreneur, a Mark Taper Playwriting Fellow and a semi-finalist in the Academy of Motion Pictures’ (the Oscars) prestigious Nicholl’s Screenwriting Competition. She has worked with some of the most prolific, successful content creators in the history of the medium via her work as an actor on shows such as as True Blood, “24,” “ER,” The Good Wife and Madame Secretary. Ms. Wright’s screenplay, MILLICENT, is currently trending on The Blacklist in the ”international,” “diverse ensemble” and “female led” categories. Ms. Wright is a graduate of Vassar College where she was an Independent Major (Comparative Literature).

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